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Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 23 November 2015

Why Taiwan

Over the past decades, Taiwan has evolved from an economic backwater into a thriving economy. The nation is globally recognized today for its competitiveness in various areas. For example, Taiwan is well-known for its high-tech and R&D capabilities. Another good example is that Taiwan is seen as a gateway to such fast emerging markets as China and Southeast Asian nations. Moreover, Taiwan is strategically located in Asia, has similar cultural and linguistic background with Mainland China, and maintains strong industry clusters and a complete supply chain organizational structure, which has been recognized by the World Economic Forum in its 2009 Global Competitiveness Report as the No. 1 in industry cluster development. Taiwan also has an abundant pool of well-educated, highly skilled professionals. All this has contributed to a dynamic working environment, and makes Taiwan a business friendly choice.

Meanwhile, Taiwan is leveraging the resources and talent of its niche industries to take the initiative and become even more globally competitive. Taiwan’s technological innovations ceaselessly attract the world, and have opened new doors to countless opportunities around the island. As new prospects emerge, a huge wave of demand for qualified foreign talents by major domestic enterprises is on the rise. Many who have come to work in Taiwan have lasting memories of their work experiences on the island.

HiRecruit Service

If you are a talented professional looking for a challenging role with many opportunities for career advancement, then look no further than HiRecruit Services. On the fast track to became the market leader in foreign online recruitment, Taiwan HiRecruit Online offers great services, including job-matching system that connects employers with job applicants, free membership registration, instant access to information for foreign expats, free search and apply for current job vacancies, and a regular e-newsletter listing of employment vacancies.

For Taiwanese enterprises looking for overseas specialists from emerging markets, HiRecruit Services offers an incentive program dubbed the emerging markets trade pioneers project. This project was initiated by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA. It aims to facilitate trade communication between Taiwanese companies and non-English speaking buyers from emerging markets.

For more on the incentive program, or further details about HiRecruit Services, please visit: http://hirecruit.nat.gov.tw/GuestIndex.do?lang=eng


Sonia Chang(soniachang@taitra.org.tw)


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