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MEDICARE : The only 2-in-1 Asian Trade Show on Healthcare across the Lifespan

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 21 December 2015

 MEDICARE( Medical and Healthcare Exhibition), SenCARE(Taiwan International Senior Lifestyle and Health Care Show), will take place concurrently in 2016, from June 16 through June 19 at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1. MEDICARE will showcase promising medical devices, including advanced devices integrating with medical services, and great solutions to medical and health care with either home-based or hospital care.

While the global population is aging, Chinese herbs and intergenerational products market have great potential. Hence, 2016 MEDICARE and SenCARE will present two special zones, one is "Chinese Herbs/ Equipment of Traditional Chinese Medicine Zone," and the other is "Intergenerational Zone", will display intergenerational products such as books, toys, learning programs and supplies. The exhibition introduced new products to the public, as well as offer visitor participation in various seminars on topics surrounding the medical and healthcare industries.

The MEDICARE and SenCARE trade shows create the only international platform focusing on healthcare across the lifespan in Asia. In 2015, MEDICARE and SenCARE exhibition joined 481 exhibitors in 895 booths; attracted nearly 62,000 visitors from 60 countries came to the Show, including Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and Australia.

The booth for 2016 MEDICARE and SenCARE application is available, please find additional information about here: https://www.medicaretaiwan.com/


Genni Hsu (genni@taitra.org.tw)


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