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Sweet dessert of 27% rise in buyers closes Kaohsiung Food & HORECA trade shows

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 19 November 2015

Possibly the sweetest dessert for two key food related shows was the 27 growth in buyers that reflects fresh vision and appetites across Taiwan.

The duo events, KAOHSIUNG FOOD (Kaohsiung Food Show) and HORECA (Kaohsiung Int’l Hotel, Restaurant, Baking and Catering Show) awarded marked success to organizer, BOFT (the Bureau of Foreign Trade 貿易局) and implementer TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council 外貿協會) when they wrapped up Nov. 8. 

That sweetness was infused by the 6,000-plus buyers at the joint show — a 30 percent increase on the previous year. Buyers chiefly came from the Asia-Pacific area, with the top five buyer segments coming from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The high growth in buyers is likely due to running the Food Show to sync with HORECA to bolster the strengths of both events. The venue joined 366 companies who used 750 booths, almost doubling last year’s number.

One feature event alone, Food Sourcing in Taiwan 2015 generated a total value of nearly US$20 million. To make it happen TAITRA invited 41 key buyers from 17 markets to lead more than 400 trade talks.

Food Sourcing helped global visitors connect the trade. Its 1-on-1 talks joined the best in the trade from the UK, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Romania, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, China and Hong Kong.


Chairman Mr. Lin at Axcellent, a Singapore based firm gave top marks to the show. “Healthy eating hasn’t yet caught on in Singapore,” said Mr. Lin, “and Axcellent aims to drive the trend by importing organic food and beverage from Taiwan. Such products include dried fish floss, rice roll and fruit jelly”

“We have a great impression of Taiwan food products,” added President Mr. Theodorus Widijaja at Ismaya Group, a major distributor in Indonesia. “This year they scouting companies that produce shaved ice and beverages, such as coffee and tea to be sold by the end of the year.”

The 12 country-themed pavilions booths added depth, color and flavor. Ms. Koh Wee-Leng at the Malaysia Pavilion stated that MATA Indian curry powders was very popular during the event, and quickly found partners on the first day of the show. But the real Malay rave product was the CKT Marketing Sdn Bhd durian popsicles that exploded with tropical exotic flavor.

Those at the first ever Philippines Pavilion were also upbeat. “Visitors ravished the coconut water and coconut flour,” said Ms. Irenne S. Ng at the Philippine Representative Office in Taiwan. “We look forward to joining next year’s expo”

A big attraction were the several seminars and conference. One of them, "How to apply for the three certifications need for expanding business in the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone" drew an audience of more than 120 industry experts. That’s where a key presenter, Mr. Cui Yi Xiong president of Shanghai's major City Super chain explained how to navigate the rules into the mainland food market.

Don’t miss next year’s KAOHSIUNG FOOD and HORECA that runs Oct. 27 to 30. For more details, click: www.foodkh.com.tw  or www.kaohsiunghoreca.com.tw.


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