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Taiwanese Sports and Leisure Brands Eyes on India’s Growth Demand

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 23 November 2015

The sports industry in India is gradually becoming a lucrative market. From government aided support, extensive media exposure to corporate investment in sporting events, have aided in growing the popularity of sports amongst Indians, resulting in higher sales of sports equipment in the country. At the same time, Taiwan with its high quality products, has outshined in the sports and fitness equipment manufacturing, becoming a preferred choice of many Indians.

In Taiwan, the sports equipment industry is the fifth largest exporter, standing equal to American and Japanese exporters. Taiwan, which is also known as the “Bicycle Kingdom”, produces over 90% of bicycles worldwide. For many years, Taiwanese fitness equipment brands have been internationally recognized for their high quality fabrication and advanced technologies. Many brands have integrated information and communication technology (ICT) to enhance their distinct features and competitive advantages.

Taiwanese brands not only seek to sell in volume, but also higher margins. Many bicycles, sports gear and green vehicles are from Taiwanese makers. Taiwanese bicycle parts exports grew 13% in 2014, according to statistics compiled by the Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA), and based on export figures from the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs. Total value reached US $1.035 billion, compared with US $915 million in 2013. Internationally renowned Taiwanese brands, such as TERN, GIANT, have invested in cutting-edge technologies. The country has developed outstanding bicycling peripherals, such as ABERSLE’s ABS Bicycle Brake System, KENDA’s tires, RoadEZ’s GPS products and Orange’s electronic tire pressure monitor. These companies have dedicated themselves to R&D, innovation, and strict monitoring of product quality to provide reliable and safe equipment.

The health and fitness awareness in India, and worldwide, is increasing. As a result, the personal fitness equipment market is also flourishing. UCHEER and Sonostar have emerged as top competitors in the global sports equipment market by manufacturing high quality fitness equipment. HONO Goft is derived from innovation to allow more Golfers to have fun achievements and progress; ERGONOMIC provide the panoramic anti-fog swimming goggles, featuring an ergonomic gasket and quick strap adjustment and VICTOR offers an original universe for a wide range of badminton sporting goods at the forefront of technology.

Mr. Michael Lin, Director of the Taipei World Trade Centre Liaison Office in Mumbai opines, “The recreational and fitness consumption in India is increasing at a steady pace. Taiwanese brands are seeing a growing potential in this market. Consequently, the demand for such equipment is expected to rise in the coming years. We are confident that Taiwanese products will continue to be the right fit for the increasingly fitness conscious Indians. ”


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